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Thinking of buying a Puppy?

Is my home big enough for a dog?Don’t consider getting a big pet, if you live in a flat. It is just not right for either of you.Don’t consider getting a big pet, if you live in a flat. It is just not right for either of you.

Is my home big enough for a dog? 

Don’t consider getting a big pet, if you live in a flat. It is just not right for either of you.

Do I really want to exercise a dog every day? Have I got time to groom a dog daily?

If you answered yes to all questions so far. You're on the right track!

Where to buy a puppy from?

Have you considered a rescue centre?

Puppies and pregnant bitches often find themselves in rescue. They are frequently given up or abandoned when the person using them for breeding or selling them is unable to give them the care they need.

Like us, good rehoming charities will:

  • give a puppy a full vet check and behaviour assessment to make sure the puppy is going to the best home for them

  • provide the basic training they need to get the best start in life

  • offer ongoing support for the life of your dog, should you ever have any problems

  • rehome a puppy based on their individual needs, so you’ll be well matched from the beginning

  • will take your dog back and find them a new home should your circumstances change and you are no longer able to keep them

  • rehome dogs and puppies to families with children of all ages, with cats, other dogs, and without gardens, if the pup and the family are the right match

Finding the right dog for you might take time. But it will be worth the wait!

Choosing a trustworthy breeder

Since 6 April 2020 it’s been illegal to sell a puppy or kitten under six months old that you have not bred yourself. This doesn’t apply to animal rehoming charities, like us, who will continue to be there for animals who need us.

There are lots of people out there who make large sums of money by selling puppies that have been poorly bred, often in terrible - and even cruel - conditions. Unfortunately, these unscrupulous breeders and sellers can be tricky to spot, as some will go to great lengths to convince you they care about the puppy. 

Thankfully, there are lots of people out there who have decided to have a litter because they have a passion for a particular breed or want others to get the same enjoyment they have had from dog ownership.

Avoid puppy farms

Puppy farms are large-scale, factory-style breeding facilities. They cannot provide the right environment to ensure a puppy is happy, healthy and will become a good family pet.

Breeding parents suffer in these places too, and once they are no longer any use, they are often dumped or killed. Get clued up on the signs of a bad breeder and don’t fund this cruel industry.

Lastly, don't forget to let us know in store - we love a puppy! You'll also get 10% off all purchases for 3 months with our Puppy Club. Free to register and we don't take any details.

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