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Is your pet overweight?

Lets talk about food...

The start of a new year makes lots of people question their own eating habits and exercise regimes.  But what about your pets?

Did you know that 2.7 million pet owners, in the UK alone, have been told that their pet is overweight? Astonishing. But not wholly surprising for us at PetShed.

Many brands have changed their recipes lately, with lots of major brands now containing more cereals than ever before. Some have increased the salt and sugar content. So, it’s hardly surprising that our pets’ weight has increased.

What can we do about it?

We have our own set of scales in store, as well as record cards to track your pets’ weight. So, if you’re worried about your pets’ weight or just want to keep a record, please pop in to have them weighed.

If you want to check your pets’ diet, make sure your brand hasn’t changed their recipe, check it’s still the right food for your pet, for their age, activity etc. Please pop in for some free and unbiased advice.

Quite often we can find a better-quality food for a much better price too.

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